Exploring the New Spectrum-Bending Students of Sex Education Season 4

Exploring the New Spectrum-Bending Students of Sex Education Season 4


School’s back in session for the Sex Education crew, but not at the Moordale Secondary School they’ve called home for three seasons on Netflix. After their sexually informative medley at the end of Season 3 led to the school’s investors pulling their funds, the students had to find new places to go. And a few of your favorites collided with a few of your soon-to-be favorites at the inclusive haven Cavendish Sixth Form College.

Sex Education’s final season is centered on people standing firm in who they are, insecurities and all. In this season alone, Jackson Marchetti (Kedar Williams-Stirling) has a testicular cancer scare after anal penetration-induced orgasm has him questioning his sexuality before he finds out his biological father doesn’t want him in his life. Eric Effiong (Ncuti Gatwa) stands up to his Christian church’s disparagement of his sexuality. Cal Bowman (Dua Saleh) documents their testosterone hormone therapy journey along with the emotional and psychological roller-coaster that had them almost literally fall off of a cliff. Otis (Asa Butterfield) and Maeve (Emma Mackey) make a few hard choices about their off-and-on relationship. And, in the end, everyone leaves the series with a sense of self rather than a delusion of who they should be.

The biggest change in Sex Education’s final season is introducing a new school, which will be bittersweet for longtime Sex Education fans. Since the Moordale students relocated, everyone didn’t transfer over. Fan favorites such as alien erotica author Lily Iglehart (Tanya Reynolds), Otis’s once-girlfriend and potential step-sister Ola Nyman (Patricia Allison), and tender-hearted poet Rahim (Sami Outalbali) are a few of the Sex Education past castmates that won’t be in Season 4.

On the bright side, Sex Education introduced seven new students that add exciting dynamics to the show.

Sarah “O” Owens:


In Sex Education: Otis may have had to deal with degenerate “sex king” Kyle infringing on his sex therapy territory in past episodes of Sex Education, but Sarah “O” Owens is the real deal. She runs a sex therapy clinic at Cavendish and unleashes her surprising rapping skills when she begins campaigning for the school to pick her as the school’s sex therapist over Otis. In one of the most memorable scenes of this season of Sex Education, O explains her ghosting former partners at Cavendish on her being ashamed to admit she was asexual.



In Sex Education: Roman is a bubbly trans-masculine popular kid at Cavendish who tells Cal about the financial implications of getting gender-affirming top surgery like he did. While he’s a gregarious life of the party and in a power couple with Abbi, he struggles with voicing his displeasure in his and Abbi’s lack of intimacy until taking Otis’s advice.



In Sex Education: Abbi is the perpetually cheery, slightly hypocritical, trans leader of the most popular group at Cavendish, the Coven. Her and Roman’s relationship is also tantamount to royalty in Cavendish. While she’s all about inclusivity and implementing punitive measures to curb gossiping, she’s made Aisha feel unheard, Roman feel unloved, and unfollowed her own rules on decency to dish a bit of gossip of her own. She wants the world to be a better place and helps Eric feel at home in his own skin and sexual journey.

Anthony:In Sex Education: Sex Education may be Anthony’s first credited acting role, but they have been dabbling in releasing music since 2019. It doesn’t look like they’ll be stopping anytime soon.



In Sex Education: Aisha is a vivacious, astrology-obsessed deaf member of the Coven, the popular group at Cavendish, with a complicated relationship with her disability. She’s open about clarifying to people that she needs to see their lips to read them when they talk to her but abandoned her British Sign Language (BSL) years ago because of the shame she felt asking for those special accommodations. When wheelchair-bound Issac (George Robinson) protests Cavendish’s lack of urgency with fixing the elevator, Aisha takes it as a moment to inform everyone about the school considering her special needs, prompting her close friends to begin learning BSL. She is also ethically non-monogamous with her partner PK, which she tells Cal when pursuing them as a romantic partner.

In Sex Education: Mr. Molloy is a condescending famous author and Maeve’s course tutor at Wallace University, who nearly shatters her desire to write when he tells her she may not be fit to be an author. He’s openly queer and hasn’t been able to appropriately handle falling from his perch as a generational genius to the bottom of a mountain of rejection letters for his new work. He has an unorthodox teaching method that crushes students with the most potential into fragments of their former selves before he implores them to figure out how to build themselves back up.

Dan Levy:
In Sex Education: Before he was lashing out at students, Levy was racking up Emmys and Golden Globe awards for his role as the perpetually sarcastic and irreverent David Rose on Schitt’s Creek. Since the end of that show in 2020, he’s appeared in HBO’s bastardized music drama The Idol, the misguided horror comedy Haunted Mansion, and the feel-good holiday flick Happiest Season.

Tyrone Yahshua:

In Sex Education: Tyrone is an Instagram thirst trap waiting to happen, Maeve’s BFF at her gifted student course in America at Wallace University, and momentarily the source of Otis’s jealousy when he notices Maeve spending a lot of time with him. He’s also a gay young man (calm down, Otis) who grew up in a similar low-income single-parent household as Maeve, who helps her not feel alone being so far away from everything and everyone she’s known.

Beau Elazouar:
In Sex Education: Beau is a soft-spoken, deceptively shy student who captures Viv’s heart with his good looks and, more importantly, his love of statistics and all things related to school. Unfortunately, his sweet courtship is actually love-bombing manipulation, which leads to him emotionally and physically abusing Viv at the sight of even the slightest interaction she has with another male. Luckily, Viv has a strong enough support system and self-esteem to confuse emotional imprisonment with love and cuts him off before the abuse gets more intense.

Outside of Sex Education: Before he was an intelligent, emotional terrorist in Sex Education, you may have seen Elazouar as juvenile party boy Kidda in the Y2K-themed movie Pirates, where he and his friends traveled across London to enter the 21st century at a wild party they won’t forget. He also starred opposite Game of Thrones’ Northern Lord Niall Bishop in the boxing short movie Subs.

These new characters promise to bring fresh perspectives and intriguing storylines to the already beloved show, and fans are eagerly anticipating how they will fit into the Moordale universe.

In conclusion, Sex Education Season 4 brings a new school, new faces, and new challenges for our favorite characters. As they navigate the complexities of their identities, relationships, and sexuality, the show continues to tackle important issues with humor and heart. With the introduction of these seven new students, the series promises to deliver another season of thought-provoking and entertaining content that will keep fans eagerly binge-watching. So, grab your popcorn and get ready to delve into the world of Cavendish Sixth Form College in Sex Education Season 4!

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